Asset Reports

You wouldn’t cross the road blindfolded, so why would you invest time, money, and effort into an individual or organisation you knew nothing about? Our full status asset reports are the perfect tool to help you get informed.

When looking to retrieve money, there is a range of options available; our asset reports reveal which path is best for you. An example of this can be found when deciding whether it’s best to take legal action.

After all, there is no point in suing if the organisation or individual has nothing. Our comprehensive investigation reports tell you whether a debtor has equity in property, strong cash flow, or any off-shore assets. This means you can be confident that legal action is the correct path and the timing is right to issue and enforce a judgement.

Finance companies and investment firms love our reports; they commonly utilise them when deciding on what funding levels to offer. The limited information available to them means too much or even too little risk can be taken. One report from us takes the guesswork out of any deal and gives you peace of mind.

Information Services

Often companies approach us as they are owed money, and the debtor cannot be located. With no address, phone number, or employment premises, where do you turn? You simply can’t retrieve your money back without this up-to-date information. Our tracing service will assist you by finding the debtor.

Please see a full list of our services to the right. If you have any questions or want to tell us about an individual involved, then please get in touch today.


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